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2015 Best Offers |Warrior Super Funnel

2015 Best Offers

Bruce Frazer’s

Warrior Super Funnel

 Best offer


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Having explored many options over the last 4 years it is my feeling that the 2015 Best Offer ….and 2016… is the Warrior Super Funnel ! Hands Down !

Why ?

This Funnel of Offers has everything a Marketer needs to succeed.

Most important it is structured to build your E mail subscriber list….The most important part   of  your Business

The Funnel Can be Duplicated and Shared with the Sales Funnel Marketing System.

The advertising Platform is self liquidating…meaning when you purchase an advertising Package for $50…. you will be paid back $55 in 55 days

The low Ticket offer is a one time Payment of $18. and you will receive tons of training in Financial Matters. There are many other subscription levels BUT …the price for each one will only be removed from your account when that money becomes available….Perfect

All of these companies have been in Business for over 2 years and are financially solid.

The great thing is once you have built this business to a good level meaning a strong list …you can add to your offers…this is when you can add

  • Affiliate Products
  • CPA Offers
  • Your own Products
  • Coaching
  • Network Marketing

You need a lot of contacts or,  a Big Ad Budget, to make these work…

Once you have a good list…Sales will Explode….

(Have you  ever tried to sell something just by Posting on FaceBook?  How did that go….not well I bet !)

I will be there all through this to train you on all of these.

The Warrior Super Funnel lays the foundation for the present and gives you all the   tools for the future.

That is why the Warrior Super Funnel is best offer for 2015 and 2016



2015 Best Offers

2015 Best offers #1 – Power Lead System

Power Lead System (PLS) –List Building is, by far, the most important function you can be doing as a marketer.

This affiliate offer (Power Lead System) is a must have tool for any marketer.

A complete sales funnel system that allows you to collect leads for any business. Most of the TOP Leaders are using this secret weapon to dominate the leader board.

Every Warrior Funnel user needs a way to share, present, and sign up new members on autopilot. There is no faster way to build and duplicate any business.

THE Power Lead System Gives you the ability to

  1. Create and Customize Lead Capture Pages, Sales Pages  Webinar Registration Pages and much more
  2. Collect E mail Subscribers ( Your List) and send out Autoresponder E mail Messages to them
  3. Create Complete  High Converting Sales Funnels
  4. Share your Funnels with your Team.

If you are not using a Sales Funnel Marketing System…

Then your Business is “Dead in the Water”

Get the Power Lead System Today!

If Your Budget is tight ….May I suggest “Lead Lightning

Lead Lightning is like Power Lead System Lite…

Lead Lightning comes with a complete Sales funnel for Lead Lightning and allows you to promote 1 other business  with in the Funnel ( in this case Traffic Monsoon or 4 Corners)

The Cost of Lead Lightning is only $7.00 lifetime payment, and for every copy you sell you will receive $6 in commission.

Then you can put those commissions towards the building other parts of the Warrior Funnel

Lead Lightning Click Here


2015 Best Offers



2015 Best offers #2 – 4 Corners Alliance

4 Corners Alliance Group – TBest Offershis is a financial education company that started in March 2013. The concept and compensation plan of this offer is pure brilliance.

There is only a one time out of pocket start up cost of $18. Couple the low price point with no recurring monthly fees ever and you have a mass appeal low ticket offer.

The way this plan works is that you automatically purchase product package upgrades from earnings.

Don’t let the price tag of $18 fool you.

The design of this program can generate a 6 figures income. This is not only possible but very realistic.

Hands down this is the best low ticket offer in the business opportunity community!


Secure Your 4 Corners Position Now Click Here

Set Up 4 Corners Marketing Funnel Click Here


2015 Best Offer maps-banner


2015 Best Offers – My Advertising Pays

This Offer is Not Available for U.S. Citizens

See Below for Traffic Monsoon

My Advertising Pays (Maps) – is a hyper responsive traffic source. This is a global buyers list of hungry network marketers, affiliate marketers & online business opportunity seekers. These people are not lookers or tire kickers, they are the shakers and movers of internet marketing. If you need high quality leads and you want to build your list look no further.

My Advertising Pays offers an overly generous profit share pay plan that pays you 72 times per day in real cash. The best traffic source on the planet & it pays you too!


Get Started In Maps & You Will Make Money Today – Click Here

Set Up Maps Marketing Funnel – Click Here

2015 Best Offers – Traffic Monsoon

World Wide Disribution

Best Offers 2015

Traffic Monsoon is very similar to My Advertising Pays…except for these differences

  • Available to U.S. Citizens
  • Unlimited Ad Pack Purchases
  • Revenue Share component pays $1 per Ad Pack to a Max of $55
  • No Membership Fees

Join Traffic Monsoon Here

To make sure you join the Best….I am offering a Bonus Package when you join

Click On the Image to see the BONUS !

Best Offer Bonus


Sept 15 2015

New Changes to 2015 Best Offers

With the Success of the Warrior Super Funnel, all 3 Opportunities have been rolled into one Great Offer

The 3 Step Formula

for the

Warrior Super Funnel

Best Offers 2015

We have made it easier to Join and added a couple of Affiliate offers in the mix for you to make even a higher income….

So now there are 6 Income Streams instead of 3

PLUS You get an invitation to our Mastermind Group and a Chance to be part of future Beta Testing

How About that !

Sign into the 3 Step Formula Here

The Other News is That “My Advertising Pays ” is no longer available in the USA ( Oct 2015)

To Compensate we have created a U.S. Version of the Super Funnel

Join the U.S. Version Here

Just Look at This Proof

Best Offer 2015

Best Offer 2015

Best offer 20153 Step Proof 2

3 Step Proof 1

MAPS Referrals

4 c Proof 2

Money Earned in Traffic Monsoon

DAY 67

Best Offer

Best Offer 20155

That is One Weeks Payment on Money Earned from That Week in “My Advertising Pays”

New Additions to the Warrior Funnel

Look at what we Have added:

  1. 6 Full Streams of Income
  2. All Funnels are Interconnected
  3. Affiliate Offers for Solo Ads ( The same People used by Traffic Authority) and E books on Traffic
  4. All Customized Sales Funnels are Free when You Join
  5. Full Autoresponder Series
  6. Invitation to our Mastermind Group

This is a Can’t Miss…Everyone makes money 24 /7  GUARANTEED !

If You Don’t Believe it

Join Traffic Monsoon (Free to Join)

I will Invite you to the Mastermind Group

and you can talk to the 9800

People Making Money



Sign Up Now For Success

Join My Advertising Pays

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