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7 Figure Business Opportunity Blueprint | Complete Biz in a Box

 7 Figure Business Opportunity Blueprint


7 Figure Business Opportunity Blueprint

Have you got your 7 Figure Business Opportunity Blueprint?

You Really Need one…

You See…

7 Figure Success Does Not Happen by Luck – It Happens By:

  • Promoting well researched Business Opportunities
  • Clarity of Vision…Know exactly what you are doing!
  • Placing the right Business Opportunity in front of the right people
  • Promote, Promote ,Promote
  • Follow up with Leads…Personally is the Best
  • Listen to your Prospects needs…Don’t Pitch…Suggest Solutions
  • Understand the Buyer’s Journey
  • Have a Blueprint
  • Grow your E Mail Subscriber List

By demonstrating Leadership Qualities , your Team / Network will be able to understand the “Goal”

To Start you need to understand what your main business is…

( To see what your Main Business is …..CLICK HERE )

Your Main Business is “Lead Generation” !


Your goal is to acquire a large Team / Network to whom you can Promote new Business Opportunities to.

A large Distribution network…

I Call this “The Network Distribution Model”.

Distribution is the Key to success for any business, offline or online, after all why did Marco Polo, or Nixon, go to China…

To Increase  Distribution for their Goods and Services !

This is how this works:

Lets say I have , or You have , Subscriber list of 1000 People and each one of your Subscribers has 1000 people on their Lists,

That is a lot of people to have an offer exposed to!

The best news is that if you create your own Product, you now have a potential 1,000,000 Affiliates to promote your product…

This is our Goal with the “Elite Success Builders” Team.

To Grow our E mail Subscriber Lists via Solid Legit Business Opportunities, Give Top Notch Training and thereby creating Savvy Marketers in a huge Distribution Network

IMPORTANT UPDATE SEPT 2015 – Click Here to See

My 7 Figure Business Opportunity Blueprint

The thing you have to know is that all of these Offers have been thoroughly researched from top to bottom and meet the High Standards Necessary to be Promoted by the “Elite Success Builders Team”

All of these Offers do not compete with each other and only compliment each other…no sense having money compete with itself.

Any Complete Business needs the Following Components to work effectively

  1. Low Ticket Offer – The Entry Point
  2. Advertising Platform – To Scale Up
  3. Marketing System – For Autoresponder Messages, Lead Capture Pages and Sales Pages
  4. High Ticket Offer – The Real Money Maker

By  re investing monies earned from the Low Ticket offer into the other 3 Areas, You now have a complete “Business in a Box”

[grwebform url=”http://app.getresponse.com/view_webform.js?wid=6292101&u=S7YY” css=”on”/]


Here is a more detailed look of the “7 Figure Business Opportunity Blueprint”

Business Opportunity 1  ( Advertising Platform )

– Marketers need a good source of warm Traffic in order to promote and sell different offers and products….We have found this with “My Advertising Pays” (MAPS) This Platform Pays you to advertise…no need to recruit, although sponsoring is a good viable option.

You can view the MAPS Presentation HERE

Business Opportunity 2 (Low Ticket Offer)

We call this a LOW TICKET OFFER, at $18.00, a one time fee the potential to earn substantial income is Huge.


4 Corners is the  Low Ticket offer We are Promoting –  It is only $18.00 to Join.

Watch this presentation on 4 Corners:

Click Here

4 Corners is a very high converting offer and complete funnels are available through  Power Lead System. (See Below under “Marketing System”)

They will generate lots of good leads so in the future you will be able to sell to them


The thing to remember about a Low Ticket Offer is when your Members start to make money with this…They can now invest in the Higher ticket offer that will generate even more Income for them…

Business Opportunity 3(High Ticket Offer)

Right now we are investigating Some High Ticket offers that Make sense….stay tuned


Business Opportunity 4 -(Marketing System )

To tie everything together We are promoting a solid , powerful and complete Marketing System…The Power Lead System (PLS) .

This is the same system used by many Top Marketers such as, Tony Robbins.

Through PLS I am able to create Customizable,Personalized and Shareable Sales Funnels for all our Members. These Funnels include :

  • High converting Opt in Pages
  • Sales Pages that Convert and are Personalized to take your prospect to your Sign up Page for whatever offer you are promoting
  • 20 day Auto responder series (Emails) that again include links to your Pages.
  • Many other features that make PLS one of the strongest Marketing Systems available today.
  • PLS has more options than LeadPages…and cheaper

There is an affiliate program also for PLS which is very rewarding.

Have a look at PLS Here

There you have it our 7 Figure Business Opportunity Blueprint. A complete Business in a Box.

Like any business if you have patience and make the right moves this Blueprint can support you for a long time…and get you to your Dream Destination

The Most Important Take Away of the 7 Figure Business Opportunity Blueprint

Do not get attached to individual Offers within the Blueprint.

The Blueprint is your map to reach your ultimate goal…


Right now there are many people using this 7 Figure Business Opportunity Blueprint, and are making serious Money right now.

This Blueprint has changed my life and It can do the same for you



As of Sept 2015…This Part of the 7 Figure Blueprint is now in One 3 Step Formula……We have taken all oft he above and created 1 Large Business Opportunity……There are also 6 full income Streams

7 figure blueprint

We have made it easier to Join and added a couple of Affiliate offers in the mix for you to make even a higher income….

So now there are 6 Income Streams instead of 3

PLUS You get an invitation to our Mastermind Group and a Chance to be part of future Beta Testing

How About that !

Sign into the 3 Step Formula Here

Just Look at This Proof

Best Offer 2015

Best Offer 2015

Best offer 20153 Step Proof 2

3 Step Proof 1

MAPS Referrals

4 c Proof 2

Best Offer 20155

That is One Weeks Payment on Money Earned from That Week

in “My Advertising Pays”

Look at what we Have added:

  1. 6 Full Streams of Income
  2. All Funnels are Interconnected
  3. Affiliate Offers for Solo Ads ( The same People used by Traffic Authority) and E books on Traffic
  4. All Customized Sales Funnels are Free when You Join
  5. Full Autoresponder Series
  6. Invitation to our Mastermind Group

This is a Can’t Miss…Everyone makes money 24 /7  GUARANTEED !

If You Don’t Believe it

Take a 30 day Test Drive in My Advertising Pays

I will Invite you to the Mastermind Group

and you can talk to the 2300

People Making Money



Sign Up Now For Success


Join the “Elite Success Builders Team” and share the Vision.



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