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My Advertising Pays | How MAPS Works

How MAPS Works

My Advertising Pays 


Maps Payout

My Advertising Pays, or MAPS, is a Traffic Exchange format, where you just happen to get a share of the advertising revenue generated by the site.

How MAPS Works is simple….

You purchase Advertising Credits or “Credit Packs” ($49.99 ea) which allows you to advertise any product or service that you are promoting.

You get 550 impressions for each Credit Pack

With every Maps Credit Pack purchased you will receive up to $1.00 per day for the life of the Credit Pack (approx 60 Days).

In other words you pay $50. you get back $60.

Not too Shabby.

You are allowed a Max of 1200 Credit Packs.

The Strategy is simple …Purchase as many as you can afford, and re invest the Revenue share into more Maps Credit Packs


Watch Video Presentation on MAPS….Click HERE

Here are some Simple Signup Instructions


e.g. If you purchase 5 Credit Packs initially you, and 5 each month, will bet getting $5 per day in Revenue, therefore in 10 days you will be able to purchase another Credit pack…Just by re investing !

At the end of 30 days you will have 8

60 Days – 22 CP

90 Days – 47

120 Days -91

150 Days – 150

180 Days – 263

210 Days – 471

240 Days- 837

260 Days -1200


In about 8 months you have now reached the Maximum of 1200 Credit Packs…


And if you keep re investing you will have about $12,000. in earnings every 60 Days as well as $60,000.00 in Credit Packs and all you put out was $2000.00 over 8 months.


If you want to sponsor people you will get revenue from that AND …

You make money on the products you are advertising on “My Advertising Pays”.

How MAPS Works as a Lead Generator

Another reason to Join “My Advertising Pays” is everyone who is buying MAPS Credit Packs is an Entrepreneur.

That makes this a very warm Market for Leads.

They want to buy.

One of our team Members has increased his mailing list by over 2000 subscribers in 5 Months using MAPS.

He has also Generated $18,000.00, with another offer, in 9 weeks using only Maps Traffic… So this is where you want to be for Leads.


How MAPS Works – Conclusion

My Advertising Pays is a “No Brainer” business opportunity. There are so many ways to create income you can’t lose.

  1. Credit Packs
  2. Selling your own Products, Affiliate Offers, CPA Offers, Services, etc.
  3. Sponsoring
  4. E mail Subscriber increase
  5. Think of More….

Plus as it is only 1 year old, MAPS has not even started to explode , only 79,800 members as of this writing.

2015 will see it explode…and you want to be there…

Join My Advertising Pays Today…Go for 7 figures in 2015!


Our Team are Winners with a Winning attitude.

Have a look at the “My Advertising Pays” Opportunity Here


Full Presentation on MAPS …How MAPS Works…Click Here

 This is How MAPS Works…easy, simple and a real Money Maker

Make MAPS your Business Opportunity for 2015

 Addicted to My Advertising Pays !

Full Training is Available ….Go to this Page


Here are some Simple Signup Instructions






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