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Social Media Image Sizes 2017 | Cheat Sheet 

Social Media Image Sizes 2017

Social Media Image Sizes 2017 Cheat Sheet This Infographic entitled ” Social Media Image Sizes 2017 ” will make sure that all your Images Conform to the 2017 standards for Social Media Image Sizes. Created by Pixel Whizz , and Tom Richardson , The Infographic is very lean with just the information you need.     There’s so much to […]

Longer Twitter Tweets | Full Guide Here 

Longer Twitter tweets

Longer Twitter Tweets 140 Character Limit , Just Got Expanded When do Longer Twitter Tweets seem a must? Ever started Tweeting something and BANG you have hit the 140 Character Wall ? Sure you have , We all have , and it seems to just happen when you start getting on that ” literary genius […]

19 Powerful Quotes on Building Success |Overcoming Failure 

Overcoming failure

Overcoming Failure Means Success 19 Powerful Quotes on Building Success Overcoming Failure…That is how we succeed, no matter if it is in Business, Your Relationships, Your Health or Your Wealth. Failure can and will be a huge roadblock in your journey, causing unexpected detours. Accept that these failures are going to happen… The biggest Failure […]

Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger – One Inbox 

Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger  One Inbox Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger  into one Inbox. It is about time. Facebook announced that businesses on the social network will now be able to link their three accounts (Facebook, Messenger and Instagram) and all communications from those Platforms , will be shown in one single inbox. You can reply to […]

The 5 Secret Keys to Viral Visual Content Your Audience will Share Wildly 

viral visual content

The 5 Secret Keys to Viral Visual Content Want to know the secrets to Viral Visual Content? In this post I share the 5 Secret Keys to Viral visual content your audience will share wildly. I read this article this morning by Donna Moritz , of Socially Sorted…It was something that I was going to […]

Expert Email List Building Strategies | Top Shared Articles 

email list building strategies

Creating a series of Email List Building Strategies is sometimes so simple that you can’t see it. As a result, we all have been through the problem of trying to build our lists without any thought to Strategy. Well, we know the end result there. If you’ve been been in the Internet Marketing Arena ,for […]

Social Media Image Size 2016 |Infographic 

2016 social Media Image Dimensions

Social Media Image Size 2016 Infographic Social Media Image Size 2016…Every now and again All Social Media Platforms alter their Image Dimensions. WE do our Best to Keep up…. Even here I know some sizes have already changed . If you notice one , please leave a comment to the Social Media Platform and the […]

How to Build My Business | Why Join Me….or You ? 

How to Build My Business

How to Build My Business Why Join Me …or You? How to Build My Business? You would figure that this would be a question on every Marketers Mind…. A Subject they would search and study with an extreme passion….after all is not that how to achieve your goals as a biz owner? Well, I guess […]

15 Points 0n How to A/B Test Your E mail Campaigns 

How to A/B Test Your E mail Campaigns There are SO MANY things to consider when you A/B test your e mail campaign … and unless you actually are testing, you will have no idea what actually works or doesn’t work when it comes to your email campaigns. Here are 15 of the most crucial […]

Periscope Tutorial|How to Set Up Periscope for Android and iPhone 

Periscope Tutorial

Periscope Tutorial How to Use, and Set Up, Periscope for Android and iPhone This Periscope Tutorial will show you how to get yourself set up to add a new dimension to your Business Promotions…. That being ” Live Streaming” events. Owned by Twitter, Periscope allows you to share and watch live video broadcasts from your […]