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Business Opportunities

With any Business in the ” Business Opportunities ” Niche, it is always preferable to have Vision and /or Clarity in your Choices.

Business Opportunities


Too many people jump into any Opportunity that comes their way…..

This is not Clear Thinking

Most of these offers will compete with each other and therefore trying to get people to make sense of this Picture is impossible.

Everyone gets hurt!

Watch this Video to understand Clarity in Vision

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How I Choose Business Opportunities

The Companies in Brackets all fell victim to the point I made

  1. Recommendation from a Trusted Savvy Marketing Friend
  2. Does the Comp Plan make sense, financially or is there a huge hole where they will start losing money (Neucopia)
  3. Talk to the owner…Does their vision make sense? (Ultimate Profits Network)
  4. Look at the Capitalization of the Opportunity Company…Is there enough money behind them to get through a year in case the Start up runs into some Bumps? (Global One)
  5. Look at the Leaders involved in the opportunity…are they ethical Business people?
  6. Does the Corporate Executive have a good Track Record?
  7. Is this a product or Service that People want?
  8. How competitive is the Market?
  9. What are the costs…Monthly ? Autoship? ( I generally stay away from products…by the time you start making money you have spent a fortune on Autoships)
  10. Does the Product Work?
  11. How good is their Training? I have seen companies where the training is so old you need a MAC Plus to do it…lol
  12.  One of the Most Important….How New is the Company?   In My opinion …the newer the better…I have seen people recently  (Jan 2015) promoting stuff that I was doing 4 years ago. To me that does not make sense…I make sure that I am as close to the top as possible.


There are a few other points that I look at…but I think you get the idea of the scrutiny I put an offer through

I also like the Business Opportunities to neatly tie together..

You do not want to be involved in Dog Food, Vacations and clothing at the same time…it makes no sense. Besides it is hard to convince people that are involved in one opportunity to jump into another opportunity.

The 3  Business Opportunities That I am promoting fit all of the above criteria and fit nicely together….

We have a Low Ticket Offer – 4 Corners

We have a way to promote it – My Advertising Pays (Not Available in the U.S.)

Traffic Monsoon

And A Kick ass Marketing system to provide Sales Funnels and E Mail Auto responders

                                           – Power Lead System

We also have Top Notch Training on this site and others to help you achieve your goals

This is what I call the Business Opportunity Hat Trick…


3 Great Offers that are Winners.


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Business Opportunities   Business Opportunities


Business Opportunities


Business Opportunities


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