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Success Training Tactic |Low Money Method

Success Training

Success Training Tactic

Low Money Method


These Success Training Tactics work, although it does take Time, Patience , Consistent Messaging and Persistence to realize results fully.

Success Training Tactic – Introduction

You are just starting out….Your Main Goal should only be Building A List. of Tier 1 Buyers and Prospects.

Then you will have the ability to sell

  • Affiliate Offers
  • CPA Offers
  • Your Own Products
  • Physical Products

Once your list is sizable….but do not try before, you will waste your time and Money

This is your Distribution Network

Do Not be fooled by Guru Tactics ( they just want to sell you something)…. The only way you make big Sales is by having a Responsive list of your own.

I hope this makes sense.

So do not waste your money on Fancy Autoresponder Set ups, (Sorry Ryan) Big Product Launch Formulas , Empowering Networks…etc.

Down the road you will need advanced training…but not now!!!!!

Save your money and put it into Buying Traffic like Paid Solo Ads.

All you need is to drive traffic to a Lead Capture Page…and use your Autoresponder sequence to sell them.

 Did You Know that over 80% of deals close after the 5th contact?

Let’s talk about Traffic… There is so much Traffic on the Internet, you could never find it all in a lifetime….Traffic is not the Problem, Converting that traffic to being a prospects is.

So What you need is a source of good traffic and Great converting Lead Capture Pages….Then the ability to connect with them via Email

We have them all… as part of the Method



Success Training Tactics

Success Training Tactic – Step 1 — The Set Up

This sets up the Tools and Resources you need:

  • Create Social Media Accounts – you will need Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus , LinkedIN and Pinterest. I would suggest that to start work with Facebook and Google +
  • Join about 300 Facebook Groups in the “Make Money from Home” ” Network Marketing” , “MLM” and ” Business Opportunities” Niches.

Use FaceBook search and type in  [Keyword] Groups, The keyword being the niches mentioned above.

Do the same with Google + however Groups are called “Communities” in G+


  • Once you become at ease with Using Facebook and Google + then add other Social Media Platforms
  • Set Up a Facebook Fanpage and Use “TABS” To put your Lead Capture Pages on ( Training to follow)


Success Training Tactic – Step 2 – The Tools

This is the fuel for the fire….You need to spend some money here ( about $200.00 US)….a must, If you do not have this money…get a Part time job.

Earlier We talked about what you need is a source of good traffic and Great converting Lead Capture Pages….

Then the ability to connect with them via Email

Well this is it…

  1. Traffic Monsoon…..This is your Main Ticket to get people involved with you and start making money    This is FREE to join  and $50 for 1 AdPack Packs    Click Here to Join. This is a source of warm traffic for you to place your ads for a low ticket offer.




  1. Join Power Lead System….This will give you Lead Capture Pages, Sales Pages and an Autoresponder….It also gives you the ability to use our already proven, high converting Sales Funnels for other offers. ( About $60.00 / Month for a Gold Membership….This includes Affiliate rights)
  2. If your budget does not allow for that….then join the “Lead Lightning ” version of Power Lead System.

          Lead Lightning gives you 1 complete Sales Funnel to promote Lead Lightning and 1 other offer….the great news is that it costs only $7 for life.

          You also receive a $6 commission for every one you sell….You can then apply that money to purchasing a full version of Power Lead System.

Check out Lead Lightning ….Click Here



Join PLS

  1. Join  4 Corners.…This is a Low Ticket Offer ($18.00 – one time payment)…Easy to sell on Traffic Mo nsoon ….watch the presentation….CLICK HERE


  1. You may want to get the Facebook Group Poster. This Tool completely Automates your FaceBook Group Posting….I use it , it is a great tool ! and only $49 one time payment..This is a very powerful tool

 Join 4 Corners

Success Training Tactic – Step 3 – 6 Points to 6 Figures


  1. Post to Social Media ( FB and G+ ) 4 times per Day on your profile

* Early AM – Motivational Image

* Noon – Maps Proof

* Late Afternoon (4:30pm) – 4 Corners Proof

* Evening – Maps Proof ( Different Text)

     2. Send all Social Media Posts and Solo Ad Links to Your Traffic Monsoon Lead Capture Page (See PLS Share Code) This Capture page has a 15 Day Autoresponder series attached to it.

  3. Advertise Power Lead System and 4 Corners on the Traffic Monsoon Traffic Exchange Using your AdPacks and  (See the PLS Share Codes for Each Funnel)

        4. Use all the Training on this site to Grow Your Business

        5. Teach your Team This Method…Duplication is Good

       6. As you earn More…Buy more Paid Advertising, Solo Ads, PPC Facebook  and Bing Ads to Scale your Business to the Moon

Success Builders Tactics


Success Training Tactic – Proof !

I Practice what I Preach!

Last Jan 2014…The “Low Money Method” Was Created for our Team.

As I was very ill for most of 2014, I really did not start this until Dec 2014 with 3 MAPS Credit Packs

Success Training


Right now 142 Days in ( May 11 2015)…You can see the results

Success Training Tactic


Here are results from people who started in April 2014…

(Results are not Typical…These all depend on How much work, Effort and Resources you put into your Business…But the Proof shows that This could be You!)

Success Training Tactic


As well as other Offers that are Promoted in the “Low Money Method….Here are 1 weeks worth of Commissions in May 2015….Remember this started in April 2014 (Results aren’t Typical)


The documentation from this past week tells the story …


Maps – $7,000 + $4,100 = $11,100.

Power Lead System = $3,053.

4 Corners Alliance Group = $1,300.


Total = $15,453.00….That is CRAZY GOOD.


Any one of these checks represents an insane amount of money to Net

in a week….. 

Combined, it is a pure Glory.

This system works … Plain & Simple.

If We can do it so can you.


Do This for 12 Weeks….

You will see results…

Then as the Money starts to roll in….

Then you can Scale it up !



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To Continue to get an idea of  The “Big Picture” …..Click the Button

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Success Builders Learing Share Image





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