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15 Points 0n How to A/B Test Your E mail Campaigns

How to A/B Test Your E mail Campaigns

There are SO MANY things to consider when you A/B test your e mail campaign … and unless you actually are testing, you will have no idea what actually works or doesn’t work when it comes to your email campaigns.

Here are 15 of the most crucial things that you really need to test in order to figure out what works best for you:


 A/B Test your E mail

There’s no denying that email marketing is still the most effective way to sell online.

Given how powerful email is, along with the sheer number of “how to” posts about it, it’s tempting to build your efforts around established best practices or simply use your platforms recommended features.

Unfortunately, that approach has failed time and time again. Instead, testing – rigorous, methodical, and data-driven  To A/B test your e mail – is absolutely essential.

But where should you start?

To answer that question, I’ve put together this list of 15 ways to A/B test your E mail….

You can jump into today.

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How to A/B Test Your E mail….Summary

Subject Lines
Should it be short or long?
Should it be conversational or include keywords?
Should it ask questions or give answers?
Should it be formal or fun?

Email Body
Should it be templated or plain?
Should it included images or be plain text?
Should it include images of people or products?
Should it focus on the problem or the solution?

Should it include one or multiple?
Should it say “Start My Free Trial” or “Start Your Free Trial”?
Should it say “Read More” or have a specific promise?
Should it include the word “Free”?

What is the best day of the week?
What is the best time of the day?
How often should you email?


The only way to know what truly works when you  A/B test your e mail  is to test one element at a time, and observe it over time so you can see a distinct pattern.

If you test multiple elements, you won’t know which one is impacting the choice of your readers. And if you test only for a short time, you might see a quick jump immediately, due to the novelty, but it may level out after a while and return to normal.

Testing is best when done continuously and carefully. Do it right, and you’ll always come out winning in the end.

About Author: Bruce Frazer
Bruce has been in the Sales & Marketing Arena for over 40 Years. His ability to reverse engineer sales funnels has made him a leading expert on funnel creation and campaign building. Bruce's Motto - "Lead Generation (List Building) is the Only Biz You Are In" Bruce's other interests include Music, as a listener and Performing Artist, Muskie Fishing , Culinary Arts and of course his large extended Family.

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