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How to Start Using Goal Mapping | Setting Goals for Success Part 1

Goal Mapping

How to Start Using Goal Mapping

Setting Goals for Success  – Part 1

Goal Mapping

Try Goal Mapping

Do You have a Goal?…  ? Are You Mapping Your Goals ? I Hope so….

If you do not know why you are in Business…Then you will discover the  quickest road to Failure.

We all need Goals…

Let me explain, because this is where a lot of people get messed up.

Goal Mapping

Goal Mapping makes the mountain disappear

A goal has to be about more than making money…You need something to strive for.

For some it may be More free time, More time with family….however you word it, the real goal is Financial Independence.

That independence gives you the Free Time…to do what you choose.

Now…This is where people get confused and discombobulated….They look at that goal and end up like a Deer in the Headlights….Frozen to be run down and left  a mental and physical


Even though you have an end goal…it is too big, you are looking up the mountain, and are  scared by the climb you have a head….

Even Mountain climbers, as you have seen, have different “Base Camps,or Plateaus , they reach on their way up to the Top of that Mountain.

So Must you.

You need to set up Goal Plateaus for yourself…Places to stop and rest, so to speak..

Where are these Plateaus in our journey?

We learn how to “Walk the Course Backwards”.

In Part 2 we will talk about Why Planning Sucks

This is a technique I discovered while listening to the golfing great, Jack Niclaus.

When asked once, maybe even twice, about how he prepared for a Tournament, he went on to explain his ritual of walking the golf course backwards.

This allowed him to see where he had to place a shot in order to have the best ball placement to sink a putt.

He would do this for the entire course. He now would have his “Plateaus” placed to reach his goal….

We have to do the same thing…

We Call this “Goal Mapping”

Let me show you an example.

This is a Goal Map ( Remember we are “Walking the Course Backwards“)

How to Start Goal Mapping

Goal : Financial Independence!…

Step 1: Find Solid, Safe Investments that will give you a decent ROI which allows you to live the Lifestyle you want.( this is where you do not want to take any Major risks!)

Step 2: Investment Education – learn how to invest so you can go to Step 1.

Step 3: Create enough Disposable Income to Invest.

Step 4: Create enough Income to Quit your Job and to live on.

Step 5: Get Out Of Debt!

Step 6: Promote, Promote , Promote a Business and stick with it. ( Once you have a substantial List of Buyers…Then you can Branch out into Affiliate Marketing , Physical Products , CPA etc.)

Step 7: Educate your self on Internet Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Advertising etc.

Step 8: Research different Business opportunities, do your Due Diligence to see which is a sound business offer to promote. All you need to worry about is building your List

Step 9: Discuss Self employment with your Spouse and decide if it is right for you.


Now you have “Walked Your Course Backwards”, to proceed, reverse the order of the steps –  Start at the bottom and work you way up to the goal.

As you see each “Step” or “Plateau” is definable and measurable…by following those steps you are not Looking up that Mountain in fear, but looking ahead to see what your next step is.

By Looking ahead that Mountain is not Tall at all, you are not even aware of its size.

Try it out …

Create a Goal Map for Yourself and see if it makes your Journey a hell of a lot easier.

In Part 2 we will talk about Why Planning Sucks


Goal Mapping Conclusion

After setting Your Big Goal….Use the “Walk the Course Backwards”technique to break your goal into Smaller Measurable chunks.

Reverse the order and initiate.

Goal Mapping is the method ,  used by most successful people , to eliminate the size of your goal and make it less daunting.


 Goal Mapping


About Author: Bruce Frazer
Bruce has been in the Sales & Marketing Arena for over 40 Years. His ability to reverse engineer sales funnels has made him a leading expert on funnel creation and campaign building. Bruce's Motto - "Lead Generation (List Building) is the Only Biz You Are In" Bruce's other interests include Music, as a listener and Performing Artist, Muskie Fishing , Culinary Arts and of course his large extended Family.

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