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email list building strategies

Creating a series of Email List Building Strategies is sometimes so simple that you can’t see it.
As a result, we all have been through the problem of trying to build our lists without any thought to Strategy.
Well, we know the end result there.

E Mail List Building Strategies

If you’ve been been in the Internet Marketing Arena ,for any time,  you know that the money is in your email list and the relationship you build with your subscribers…

I am not going to waste your time by going over the reasons why you need an e mail subscriber list…That information is in every article you may have read on List Building.

Furthermore, I will just say this …

Every Salesperson knows that their real value and worth is in their Customer and Prospect List.

The Same holds true for the Internet Marketer.

In this Article , you will learn a variety of email list building methods for you to use.

Furthermore…these Strategies have been tested and proven to work,

As a result, I myself use many of these same methods to build the list here at Success Builders Learning  and other web properties I own.

Hence, using these email list building strategies will help you to (probably) be successful.


The first article from our experts is on the Co Schedule blog, Co Schedule is , in my opinion, the best all round Editorial Calendar and Social Media Posting WordPress Plugin . Check them out.

Co Schedule will also give you a 14 day Trial using the hi lighted Link.

In addition, Co Schedule also provides you with a “Click to Tweet” Plugin that will do things like this:

Co Schedule also has a “Headline Analyzer” which scores your headlines strength….Nice.

Enough of me shamelessly promoting Co Schedule…Read their article and LEARN !

 Complete, 4-Step List Building Strategies For Success

This Article will show you how to

  1. Create Your List
  2. Optimize your Website for E mail Collection
  3. Implement E Mail Marketing within your Content Strategy
  4. Monetize your E Mails.

By following this strategy you should be able to , in time, earn over $100K a month, like Pat Flynn just from your content…and E mails…

Also, read this one, also from Co Schedule, “21 Ways to Build and Email List” .

It is a good companion piece to the first article, and it will show you what methods they used to increase their list by 552% in one year….Now , that is a healthy increase !


More Email List Building Strategies


This Next Article “5o E mail List Building Tips” , from Smart Online Success , presents Strategies that are actionable right away…

Now some of Tips may not be as “Hot” as the Author (Garin Kilpatrick) might think,(Hey but if you get 1 more subscriber, then I guess the Tactic has done it’s job ) but they are easy to implement.

Just try and understand how these Email List Building Strategies actually work and decide whether the effort will be worth the end result.

Email List Building Strategies

Now here is a real goodie….

9….Yes 9 World Class Bloggers Share their #1 List Building Strategy    

from Darren Rowse’s Problogger.net . Author, Nate Desmond (from Sumo Me – another great list building app) has connected with Sean Work (KISSmetrics), Noah Kagan (Top Taco at Sumo Me), Mark MacDonald (Shopify) and other List Building Adventurers

#5 Created a 500% in Clicks…I have been employing this strategy for a couple of months ….

Man that Tactic bears Fruit !

Get a PDF Version of the 4 Articles, for your Reference….4 List Building Articles (Just Click)

You do not have to create some new strategy , although that may come in time, Simply, Put some. or all , of these tactics to work, get results and share the results…..People love and want  to see how they can solve their list building problems. Just show people what is working for you !

In addition, People get tired , very quickly , of just seeing Pitch after Pitch , in your Content.

( To be fair, there are some links to tools here that I am an affiliate of…I did not choose these articles so I could Promote my Links, I selected these articles because these are the Top Shared Articles, for List Building Keywords, according to Buzz Sumo )

They want to build their business now !

Why not create content that will help your Subscribers and Prospects solve problems and grow their business.

Email List Building Strategies – Creating Content

This section could , and will, be an expanded article on the subject of “Creating Sales Funnel Content”. I just felt it necessary to talk about this now. After all…It makes no sense to make a bad first impression on your new subscribers, by pitching them out of the chute…

My point being , if I can get you to understand how content and a good content marketing strategy builds trust and sales, then maybe I can help reduce the failure rate of new marketers going into business.

Therefore, Content must be the starting point  in any funnel you create.

Just remember that the whole exercise now, especially as the Marketing Arena Matures….is creating content that is informative, and actionable.

First of all, grabbing a prospects Email Information is at the very Top of your Funnel

Furthermore, If  you can provide Content that is actionable and educational…they won’t mind giving you that Contact info, when the time comes to ask for it.

If your content is especially relevant, giving up one’s Email contact info is not a problem.

Look at this like starting a personal relationship…You don’t ask for intimacy before you both have done the “Get to Know You Dance”

That is why I always lead with content…It starts that Trust building thing, that is so important in a Seller / Buyer relationship

As you can see, all of the List building strategies mentioned here, involve some form of Content or access to Content.

Your Subscribers are looking to you for answers….NOT PITCHES !

So give them what they want.

Content must always be used for information in different stages of the “Buyers Journey

email list building strategies

As you can see by the Image… Almost every type of Content is required for all stages of the Funnel ….

Email List Building Strategies – The Funnel

  • Top of Funnel (TOFU ) – Blog Posts will get people to your site (esp. if you Advertise on Social Media), where if your site is properly optimized, as in the 1st article, you should be able to get their E mail info with your Lead Magnet ( More Content)
  • Middle of Funnel ( MOFU ) – as your lead may need more information about your product , before they decide to purchase, this is where longer videos, perhaps showing different uses for your product…training, if you will. Case Studies are also useful at this point…but as you can see, we are talking about more content.
  • Bottom of Funnel ( BOFU ) – This is where you may decide to give out a trial version…one final pitch before you move onto another campaign.

For me I like to drive all the Traffic to a piece of content….I want to start the “Trust” building right away…so,from there I always go to a Lead Magnet …And Finally, the Journey Begins….

Every Piece of Content you write should someway or somehow attached to a product funnel…Creating Content for your list whether it be  an article, video or E mail message should have the goal of your campaign in mind ( Sale of a Product, Lead Generation etc.)

In Starting a Blog Post…You must find a problem …do extensive research , write an article, between 1000 –  2000 words and solve that problem….

Furthermore, you cannot do incredible amounts of research, for every post you write…but learn to “Curate content” …

Just Pick a topic / keyword and go to a site like “Buzz Sumo

Enter in your keywords…and Buzz Sumo will present the Top Shared Articles for that Keyword…That is your starting point….

I have been getting requests for an article on “EMail List Building Strategies

As a result,I have taken material from a few sources, integrated it, and have come up with , I hope, a compelling article on List Building Tactics…

Even More Email List Building Strategies

Read some SHOCKING  List Building Case Studies

Which You Can Get By clicking on the Image Below

Email list building strategies


In addition….If any of you have an Email List Building Strategy that you are having success with, mention it below in the comments….with a link to your article on it….

I would love to also promote your content.


In Conclusion ,

Due to Subscribers having a direct relationship with the amount of income you can earn… List building is the #1 Business activity you must be involved in.

You must work at this every second of every day!

Work these E mail list building strategies, in addition and in concert with your content and advertising Campaigns,to grow your Subscription list to start earning income from your Prospects.

Thanks for reading and continue on to Success.





















About Author: Bruce Frazer
Bruce has been in the Sales & Marketing Arena for over 40 Years. His ability to reverse engineer sales funnels has made him a leading expert on funnel creation and campaign building. Bruce's Motto - "Lead Generation (List Building) is the Only Biz You Are In" Bruce's other interests include Music, as a listener and Performing Artist, Muskie Fishing , Culinary Arts and of course his large extended Family.

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  • Hey Bruce Frazer, thanks for sharing expert list building strategies. Needless to say, CoSchedule is an ultimate resource of useful information and I think every wannabe blogger should read this blog. And Problogger is equally resourceful. Thanks again for sharing these useful articles on list building.

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