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MAPS Quick Start Tutorials

Follow these MAPS Quick Start Tutorials through in Order to get your MAPS Business up and running to Start Making Money

MAPS Quick Start Tutorials

Special Thanks to my Friend and Leader Frank E. Calabro Jr. for creating these Videos for Us.


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MAPS Quick Start Tutorials Video 1 Getting Started

Make Money Within the Hour !


MAPS Quick Start Tutorials Video 2  Back Office Orientation



MAPS Quick Start Tutorials

Video 3 Installing Firefox Web Browser and “Better Privacy” Plug in

Firefox is the Web Browser of choice amongst Internet Marketers. It outperforms and has a lot more options compared to Chrome and Internet Explorer. What ever you do….Never use Internet Explorer, it causes major problems in viewing websites…to the extent where some people cannot even get into certain Pages.

MAPS Quick Start Tutorials

Video 4  MAPS Credit Packs Explained

MAPS Quick Start Tutorials

Video 5 Solid Pay Trust Training

Important Instructions

Do NOT go to VX directly to sign up. Everything is taken care of through their integrated Buy Now button on MAPS. When purchasing for the first time, you will receive an email from VX with log in credentials. Once you log in, you can go through the steps to INSTANTLY verify your account. Once this is done, other funding/payment options will become available.

Make sure your MAPS Profile Details are correct BEFORE attempting a payment with VX or you WILL have problems paying with Credit Cards.

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