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Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger – One Inbox

Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger

 One Inbox

Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger  into one Inbox.

It is about time.

Facebook announced that businesses on the social network will now be able to link their three accounts (Facebook, Messenger and Instagram) and all communications from those Platforms , will be shown in one single inbox.

You can reply to any Facebook comments, visitor posts, reviews, messages and Instagram comments directly from the updated inbox by tapping on the content you want to answer.

You can also respond separately in the Instagram Inbox , if need be.

Think of the time you can now save.


Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger

Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger – Perfect Reasons

Firstly, by having the ability to view all correspondence from the three platforms, in one Inbox.

You will now be able to respond:

  1. To similar Subject Matters at once, keeping your train of thought intact
  2. Only once, to a person that may have commented on each platform to get more of your attention.
  3. By creating content, if you see many similar questions that are being asked across the 3 platforms, This may not be as easy to “see” if you needed to go to each platform separately.
  4. Very Efficiently. Real time saver.

Facebook stated that it will start to roll out the new format to businesses using the “Pages App” over the next few weeks, adding other devices soon

Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger – Procedure

You can get started by connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Simply click on the messaging icon at the bottom of your Page while you’re in the Pages Manager App.

Then navigate to the Instagram tab where you’ll be prompted to log in.

Any businesses with Facebook and Instagram accounts, that are already connected via Instagram ads, will automatically receive the update.

Nothing that interactions with Messenger are already included in pages’ inboxes

Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger


Another way Facebook helps serve your customers is by providing an easy way to see basic information about people who interact with your business.

  Just tap the person’s name to see their public profile, as well as their previous interactions with your business.

Then use that knowledge to personalize your communication with them.

This feature is currently available for all Facebook interactions in the inbox.

Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger

Finally,  Your Turn.

What do you think of the fact now that Facebook Links InstaGram, Messenger into One Inbox?

Will this new option help you as a marketer?

Please leave a comment below

So we can continue the conversation.






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