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Periscope Tutorial|How to Set Up Periscope for Android and iPhone

Periscope Tutorial

Periscope Tutorial

How to Use, and Set Up, Periscope for Android and iPhone

This Periscope Tutorial will show you how to get yourself set up to add a new dimension to your Business Promotions….

That being ” Live Streaming” events.

Owned by Twitter, Periscope allows you to share and watch live video broadcasts from your mobile gadget of choice.

And it’s the new hottest social media platform that just might be here to stay.

First, Lets get the App on your Phone

Download from iTunes Here

Download from Google Play Here


Periscope Tutorial 800

Periscope Tutorial – Android

Periscope app on Android requires OS Version 4.4 (KitKat) and above to use Periscope.

If you don’t know what OS version you have on your phone, here’s how to find out (the following screenshots are for Galaxy S5; if you have a different phone, just look for a similar setting):

  • from your Settings, find ‘About phone’ tab – look for ‘Android version’ info.

Periscope Tutorial

This is the Periscope Tutorial for Android you’ve been looking for: easy to follow, with great visuals to help you learn how to use Periscope like a pro.

Source: How to Use Periscope for Android: Your A to Z Tutorial


Periscope Tutorial – iOS/ iPhone

 This is the Periscope Tutorial for using iOS devices, like your iPhone.

 Source: Periscope Tutorial: How to [and Why] Use Twitter’s Periscope on iOS

Periscope Tutorial

Now you have Periscope set up and installed,You can now think of ways in which to use Periscope to Promote your Business.

Believe me there are countless ways in which to use Periscope to Promote…

Listen, if you have Clients who own “Brick and Mortar” Businesses

The ideas are endless.

I personally have Clients in Real Estate an the Restaurant Biz….and I think I overwhelmed them with my ideas…

( If you would like me to do a presentation on using Periscope in those specific areas…Just leave a comment below and say “Interested in Webinar on xxxxxxx” where xxxxxx is a biz area like Real Estate etc…I have a lot of suggestions for most “Local” Businesses, and of course this will be a No Charge event )

There is also a Free Guide I have put out that contains Ideas on how to use Periscope to Grow your Business….

Click Here for Free Guide

I hope this Tutorial Helps to get you Up and Running on Periscope….

Don’t forget to send me your link so we can connect on Periscope

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