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How to Build My Business | Why Join Me….or You ?

How to Build My Business

How to Build My Business

Why Join Me …or You?

How to Build My Business? You would figure that this would be a question on every Marketers Mind….

A Subject they would search and study with an extreme passion….after all is not that how to achieve your goals as a biz owner?

How to Build My Business

Well, I guess people are not as concerned with Building their Business as I thought.

You see….when I put that phrase, and other similar ones, into the Google Keyword Planner

it showed that their were only < 20 searches per month for that term…20 …I would figure that with the number of Marketers out there trying to improve their lot in life…that number should have been in the thousands…

Wouldn’t You?

I guess nothing surprises me anymore….

Well maybe the attitude of …

I want to be a Success…But only if someone Hands it to Me…

is larger than I thought…

But Anyway, Other than My Subscribers….This article will be only useful for the less than 20 people that search for the term “How to Build My Business”….You are the ones who want to succeed !

How to Build My Business – Where are You At?

Ok…You just signed up for an offer you want to promote….You are real excited about it….You feel that this is the one.

[ If you have Power Lead System, then you would get a “Share Code”  that would give you a Complete Funnel Like This]

What are you doing to promote and get more People on Your Team?

I will bet you are doing some or all of this…

  • Post the Link to Social Media Sites
  • Use the Lead Capture Page Provided by “The Company” to gather Leads
  • Put the Sign Up Page Link in Posts to Social Media
  • Maybe a Solo Ad


How to Build My Business

If this is your Promotion Strategy…

You are more than likely not getting the Leads you thought you would ….


Let’s Examine –

  • You Know the Offer / Opportunity is a good one ( you can see proof from the Main Person, who started this)
  • You are sending links to a Lead Capture Page (LCP), Sales Page and a Sign up Page
  • You may be sharing Images of the “Big Dog’s”  Daily Proof… increases / improvements…(That shows people that the offer is a good one…right?)
  • You are sharing other Team Member’s Training and Videos

You may think that all of those actions are going to help you get customer but….




Build a Business

Technically what you are doing is right….if it was your FACE on all of those actions.

But because you are Promoting the Success of the “Big Dog“, or other Members on the Team You belong to….

Your Prospect may just decide to Sign up under one of them….as they are the ones showing the Success and Real Leadership.

Something that you must do!


Just in case You need a Break


How to Build My Business – What Should You Do

First you need to cover the Basics…

  • Create Social Media Sites for the BIG 5 ( Facebook, Twitter , Google + , Pinterest , LinkedIn. ( I would only recommend working 1 at a time until you get 1 down pat.)
  • Make sure your Social Media sites are Optimized for Search Engines…
  • GET A SALES FUNNEL MARKETING SYSTEM ! ( You Need to Build a Subscriber List!)

Now the Fun Begins :

This training will give you the ammo on Facebook to get 5000 Friends, you need a lot so that your Posts will have the reach to connect with many “Like Minded” people who may be interested in your Offer

  • Promote different Lead Capture Pages with Power Lead System (use the Share Codes, These are Complete Funnels) These codes will be under the “Sales Funnel Set Up ” tab , on this site
  • Share other content (Curated) on your Posts…That is Content your “Fans” will be interested in. This will start to build your Authority.
  • Publish Proof of how the offer is going for you…People like to see success

These are just the Basics

But these alone are not going to make you the “Go To ” Person

Let’s Examine an Offer that I and some of you are Promoting…

It is Very simple . The Offer Contains 3 Main Elements

Traffic Monsoon > Power Lead System > 4 Corners (We also use M.A.P.S. for outside the USA)

Some people have taken this Combination and Branded it under their name….Smart Move…

(You have more than likely seen them…so no sense showing them here)


This Branding Makes them look like the Authority…the Success Magnet…

Naturally people will then gravitate to the person whose name  is on the Offer…After All They look and act like Leaders, and Leaders are what People want….

I have no problem using these other Branded Funnels….I use them…Just Make sure that your name, voice and Image are there along with it ( See the “Little More Advanced Strategy” Below)

So you can see that just by putting your link on a Post is not going to do much.

How do you overcome this?

How to Build My Business – Set The Hook

Simple – By making your Offer IRRESISTIBLE !….Yes Make it so nobody can say NO !

  • Start by recording Daily Videos of your progress
  • Record Videos of Techniques that are working (they can be anybodies…just record them)
  • Send this stuff out to your Subscriber List
  • Post these on Social Media
  • To Be a Leader…You must act like a Leader…this is attractive!

A Little more Advanced Strategy…

  • Make a Pre – sell Video That you can insert on a Lead Capture Page or on a Page after they Opt in, before the Main funnel
  • This puts your Face on the offer before anyone else.
  • Start Building Long Term Properties (Blog, Social Media, SEO)

The one thing I do find works, very well, (I borrowed this from doing “Affiliate Marketing”), is offering a Bonus !

People love Free things and a Bonus attached to this offer is ideal.

Matt Lloyd, of M.O.B.E. fame started having real success when he started offering Fantastic Bonus Offers to Products  he was selling.

If you study any Marketers, in Affiliate Marketing, Offering a Bonus is a Huge Hook. How many times will you look at a course , training, software etc and decide to make a purchase based on the Bonus Offer.

Pat Flynn has a great guide on Setting up a Bonus….Click Here You can see how important this Tactic can be.

If You would Like a PDF Version Of Pat’s Guide on “Setting Up A Bonus…..

Just Click the Image


Here is The BONUS I set up  for this offer

My Bonus Page

I am telling people…that

” I want you on my Team…and I am willing to go all out to make this happen”

Business is serious and getting customers, clients and team members is the name of the game…it is survival !

The way to do that is show you are a Leader…Show that you are the one to lead them to the “Promised Land” where they can:

  • Quit their Jobs
  • Spend more time with their Loved Ones
  • Work the hours they want to work
  • Get them the “Toys” they have always wanted

They have to think and believe that you are the ONE…The true Leader…who can take them there !

So Step Up…Be a True Leader…Then watch people Join You







About Author: Bruce Frazer
Bruce has been in the Sales & Marketing Arena for over 40 Years. His ability to reverse engineer sales funnels has made him a leading expert on funnel creation and campaign building. Bruce's Motto - "Lead Generation (List Building) is the Only Biz You Are In" Bruce's other interests include Music, as a listener and Performing Artist, Muskie Fishing , Culinary Arts and of course his large extended Family.

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