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Top Resources That Make Better Marketers

Top Resources

This Page will List all of My Top Resources, Tools etc., that I use everyday.Although I have many resources that I use. these are my Top ones that make my life easier as a Marketer.


Top Resources – Must Haves



I have been using Netfirms as my main Top Resources

Hosting supplier for almost 5 years,

and during that time I have never had an issue.

Their Pricing is set for the Beginner who needs to set up a Blog but , who does not have a large Budget.

You can have your Blog up and running within 5 minutes…

Netfirms also supplies Domain names, E mail access,

FTP, e Commerce Platforms plus tons of other options that are included in their Plans.

Click Here to get your Netfirms account up and Running.


Posting Calendar

The best Social Media Post Scheduler right now is Co – Schedule.

You have the ability to post to all your Social Media Accounts using Text, Link or Images.

Top Resourcesand schedule for months in advance. The system will automatically post new Blog Articles and set them up on a recurring Schedule for as long as you want to Promote that Post…Interlinks with WordPress.com for added exposure.

The cost is unbeatable for the services you will be getting.

Have A Better Look at Co Schedule Here


Sales Funnel Marketing System

Without a system hat will collect Leads and send out Autoresponder E mails…You are Dead in the water as far as being a Marketer. That is why I use the EGN Marketing System as a Resource


Free ToolsThe EGN system gives you the ability to:

  • Create High Converting Lead Capture Pages
  • Create Sales Pages with unbelievable rates of conversion
  • Set up and send Autoresponder E mail Messages From most Autoresponder services
  • Earn commissions by being an affiliate
  • Pre Made Funnels for Today’s top Biz Ops

There are a ton of other features …that you must see

You can Start with a 7 Day Free Trial …The EGN System is Fantastic for Beginning Marketers as well as Advanced Marketers alike.

Check out the EGN System Here,

Cheaper than LeadPages, ClickFunnels and PLS or any other similar system


Autoresponder Service

My Choice…Get Response…Cheaper , Reliable and Amazing Automation Capabilities ( Just Like Frank Kern Talks About).

I rely Heavily on my E mail Communication with my Subscribers.Free Resources

E Mail Marketing has been one of my most consistent Income Streams for all time, and Get Response gets the Job Done.

Easy to use Drag and Drop E mail creator as well as Opt in form Builders that can be added to your WordPress site with a Simple Plug in

Using My Link you will also get a free 30 day trial Period.

I will also provide training so you can be using Get Response Right Away…

Sign Up here for your Free Trial of Get Response


Image Making

Visuals are such an important part of your Marketing Strategy.Strong Images Strengthen your Brand, Increase Image Design ToolEngagement, and help convert viewers into subscribers.

That is why a an Image Maker that will produce strong, enticing visuals, is of the utmost importance.

To Me “Snappa” is that Image Maker.

Easy to use, and Easy to use Templates that can be easily customized ( in under 10 Mins.), or create an image from Scratch. Snappa is a “Must Have’ for any serious Internet Marketer. Check out the Snappa Review

on my cousin site, Marketer Product Reviews,( I Review Marketing Products there).

Or get some more info on Snappa Here.

Pretty Link

This is a WordPress Plug in (Free and Pro Version) that takes ugly,ugly links….like affiliate links and turns them into a link from your domain…

Like This


Top ResourcesYou also get the analytics from the link like, How many Hits you have had and where they came from.

If you are doing any kind of Affiliate Marketing, Doing Giveaways or whatever ugly link you need to be more appealing..

The Pretty Link Plug in is a must and that is why I include it in the “Top Resources ” section.

Checkout and Download The Pretty Link Plug in Click Here



Top Resource Sniply

Sniply is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content, creating an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action with every link you share.

You find a great article that you know your followers will love and you want to share it….With Sniply you can share the article with your own custom “Call to Action”


Here is a shot of what someone who opens your Sniply link will See

Top Resource Sniply









This is why I love Sniply I can send great content¬† out and with a simple click on the CTA…the reader is going to my site…

Sniply also provides Analytics and saves all your previous “Snips”. There is also a Free and Paid Versions.

Click Here to have a better look at Sniply.

This is just a Partial list of the Top Resources in my world…I will be updating this all the time, so Book mark this page and visit it all the time to find out what is new

What are your Top Resources ?