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UToken News | Latest News on the UToken

UFUN Changes

UToken News 

Latest News on the UToken

Utoken News will be sent out when there is the latest new information on the UToken

The Utoken Opportunity is hitting exciting new levels every day…..


Get More Information on The Utoken and UFUN Group


Watch this Background Presentation on the UToken  CLICK HERE

Is The UToken Legitimate ? Watch Here…you will be surprised


May 7 2015 – UToken News – UFUN is entering New Ventures ( Profit Generating ) that will increase UToken Value

UFUN Group is very busy signing Joint Venture Agreements in Profit Generating Business that will help increase the Value of the UToken

Read This to get a full understanding of the UFUN / UToken Business Model….It is very unique and Ground Breaking



May 1 2015 – Utoken News – Gateway Klang Signing Ceremony

May is going to be a Busy month for the UFUN Group…Joint Ventures, Venture Capital Investments Charitable Donations….

Here is a look at the Ceremony in Klang

April 30 2015  – UToken News – Utoken Price Increase .178

Again The UFUN Group is making excellent Investment decisions


Utoken News , Utoken Price Increase

 April 30 2015 – Utoken News – Charges Dropped in UFUN Scandal

The Thai Police have decided that there is not really enough evidence to bring this matter to Trial.

They are also Treating the people that made the Allegations as Complaints and not Victims.

Hats off to Dato Danial Tay for his unflinching resolve

 April 22 2015 – Utoken News – Current Update on the UFUN Scandal

Some interesting facts about the Latest info out of Thailand regarding #UToken and the scandal with the #UFUNGroup
The press in Thailand are no more than Gossip Hounds similar to the National Enquirer type….
There is no basis about the UToken being a Ponzi…Just remember that THE Washingto Post said that the #bitcoin was a #PonziScheme a couple of years back….and the Thai government has even banned Bitcoin in Thailand…That did not stop the rise of Bitcoin. UTOKEN is strong and growing stronger everyday.
With the Payment Gateway being online next week….The Utoken will explode and will be the hottest business opportunity for 2015

April 2 2015 – UToken News – Gateway Klang Grand Opening


Utoken News
Ufun Group bring you another exciting news – as the corporate mission is to let everyone grow wealth together, we are trying our very best to source and invest into the most potential projects.

Now we present to you the premier integrated hotel,condo, shopping mall and office development with the total value of RM1.2 Billion.

The development project named GATEWAY KLANG is situated at Klang (the most important and strategic port in Malaysia).

Ufun Group hold 30% of the ownership. Soon in this month, there will be an official signing ceremony held at Malaysia and details related to members benefits will be announced by then.

Together, we did it again!

March 31 2015 – UToken News – UToken Price Increase

Another Price Increase for Utoken…Looks like we will hit $1.00 for the second time in one year !

UToken News

March 30 2015 – UToken News – Grand Opening of UFUN Tower in Jakarta

UFUN Group, which manages the UToken, Has officially opened its New Office Tower in Jakarta. To celebrate this event, UFUN Held a UToken Convention where a couple of thousand members of the Community took a tour and soaked in the latest training and news about UToken

UToken News

UToken News Jakarta

March 29 2015 – Current Utoken News – UToken Payment Gateway at the Door


March 24 2015 – UToken News – New UToken Price Increase


 UToken NEWS

March 18 2015 – UToken News – New UToken Price Increase

Current Utoken News Pricing


March 12 2015 – UToken News -U.K. Joins the AIIB


Late yesterday, the government of the United Kingdom announced that they would be applying to join the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank… as a founding member.

The soon-to-be-live Chinese International Payment System (CIPS) will provide a way for banks to transfer funds to one another without having to use the US banking system… or the US dollar.

China is also the ringleader behind both the BRICS development bank (called the New Development Bank, or NDB) as well as the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Both of these are multilateral development banks that aim to end the dominance of the western-controlled World Bank and IMF.

NDB includes all the BRICS nations– Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.
Founding members of the AIIB include China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, etc. They’re typically all rapidly growing and/or resource-rich developing nations.

New Zealand was the first western nation to join AIIB back in October. And yesterday afternoon, Britain announced its intention to become the second.

This isn’t theory or conjecture anymore. Every shred of objective evidence suggests that the dollar’s dominance is coming to an end.

Are you paying attention?

Some of the biggest changes to the world financial system are happening right before your eyes…

Fortunately… We have been surrounding ourselves with some of the brightest business leaders out of Asia and are getting out in front of this.

What are you doing?



March 12 2015 – UToken News – Another UToken Price Increase

Current UToken Pricing


March 6 2015 –  UToken News -Another UToken Price Increase

Current Utoken Pricing


March 3 2015 – UToken News  – Our Partners Meeting at the UFUN Tower

From Jamison Palmer

There is some BIG news about to be released over the coming weeks. In fact… this is some of the biggest news yet. I left the UFUN tower today even more excited about the opportunity we have in front of us.

Think about it… We are on the forefront of the digital currency movement… One of the biggest changes and greatest innovations of our lifetime. And we are right at the beginning and have the opportunity to profit from it!

I am so thankful to be working along side top leaders and some of the most brilliant business minds I have ever come across.

I am also thankful to have such an amazing community of like-minded people with us at the very beginning.

Like I said… UFUN is very close to releasing some of the most exciting updates yet. The naysayers are all going to have egg on their face and will be kicking themselves for not jumping in early and taking action. Stay tuned for more information…”

✰ The BEST is yet to come!! WATCH THIS SPACE!! ✰



Utoken News

Our Partners Jamison Palmer and Casey Tan with UFUN VP Eddie Tan and BDG Bank Rep KS Lim

March 2 2015 – UToken News -UFUN Group Donates to Medical Center

Dato Danial Tay ( Head of UFUN Group), on behalf of UFUN GROUP,
DONATED RM100,000 TO Carl Corryton Medical Center towards
the purchase of 2 Dialysis Machines!!

Carl Corryton Medical will accept 70% in cash and 30% in Utokens for

UToken News UFUN Donation

March 2 2015 – UToken News – New Price Increase for Utoken

Utoken News

MARCH 1 2015 – UToken News – March Promotions

【Promotion】Investment Point Promotion


2015-03-01】 From 1st March 2015 to 31st March 2015 , all NEW registrations Package and Package
Upgrades will get 2.5% to 7.5% of Investment Points (IP) for FREE! Spread the word and Act now! Don’t miss this opportunity one more time!

A) Package 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star- 2.5% IP
B) Package 4 Star , 5 Star – 5% IP
C) 7x 4 Star Package & 7x 5 Star Package and Resort House Package, Resort House 2+1 Package– 7.5% IP

Package Point (AP/RP) U Point Bonus Value (BV) Investment Point
1 Star 500.00 400 400 12.50
2 Star 1,000.00 850 800 25
3 Star 5,000.00 4,500 4,000 125
4 Star 10,000.00 9,500 8,000 500
5 Star 50,000.00 50,000 40,000 2,500
Resort House 150,000.00 150,000 75,000 11,250
Resort House 2+1 350,000.00 300,000 150,000 22,500
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